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Apps We Love

We've compiled all our favorite apps that will help make your life as a teacher just a little easier.

The Awards go to:

Our top 5 apps for teachers in 2018:


#1 ClassDojo

If you haven't heard of ClassDojo, you must be new to teaching. ClassDojo is a fun way to help keep behavior in check. With fun monster characters, easy parent communication, and the ability to track points for multiple classes ClassDojo is hands down #1 in our top 5 list. Did we mention they are about to bring student portfolios to the app? We can't wait!


$ Price:  FREE


#2 ZipGrade 

Tired of grading all those assessments by hand? Well, if you don't have 1:1 technology, we recommend ZipGrade. ZipGrade allows you to generate reusable scantrons/bubble sheets and scan them using nothing more than your smartphone or tablet. You can create the answer key online, give the assessment in class, and grade it all within minutes. Then when the test is done, you can download a CSV file and examine your assessment data in Excel. It makes creating small groups and grading a breeze. 


$ Price: FREE for the basic version / $6.99 a year for the unlimited version (The unlimited version is totally worth the $7 a year.)


#3 Plickers

For the teacher with little technology. Plickers is a unique assessment platform that scholars get excited about. Each scholar gets a numbered card with a barcode on it. The teacher puts a question up on the projector. Then, the scholars hold up their cards and rotate them depending on how they wish to answer. The teacher then takes his or her smartphone, using the Plickers app, and scans the room automatically capturing all the scholars answers. You have instantly graded all answers, reported them to a spreadsheet, and you know who is getting it. Then you can choose to show a graph showing how many people got the question right. Scholars love this and no classroom should be without this!


$ Price: FREE   


#4 Seesaw

When we have access to technology it's great, but how do we get rid of all the paper in our lives! Seesaw can help you with that! With the ability to build multiple class, in app scholar communication, the ability for scholars to submit work, and building scholar portfolios directly in the app this app is hands down a top teacher time saver.


$ Price: FREE for the basic version / $120 a year for Seesaw Plus


#5 Kahoot

Wow, talk about engaged scholars! Even if you can get 4 tablets, computers, or smartphones in your room, this app will be well worth it. If you want to engage your scholars in meaningful learning but want to make them think they are play a very competitive game, you have found the right app. This app will win over every scholar K-12. It has an app and a web based interface. There are prefabricated  activities for EVERYTHING, or you can build your own. 


$ Price: FREE